The Rapid Access Tool

The Rapid Access Tool is essential for:

  • Armored Vehicle Rescue
  • Breaching Buildings with Ballistic Windows or Doors
  • Ventilating Ballistically Protected Spaces
  • Forcible Entry into Hardened Spaces
  • Emergency Extractions from Protected Spaces



The Rapid Access Tool (RAT) system is designed to provide Protective Operations Teams, First Responders, Military groups, and personnel operating in high-threat environments around the world with a tool and a proven method to quickly breach armored vehicles and other ballistically protected spaces. The Rapid Access Tool system is compact and can be stowed in the passenger compartment or trunk of most any vehicle. Unlike the conventional tool systems available, no hazardous or flammable materials such as hydraulic fluid, oil, or gasoline are used with the operation of the Rapid Access Tool. The Rapid Access Tool system is self contained and is used independently from any other rescue equipment. The Rapid Access Tool is packaged in a rugged kit which has been designed for quick and easy use when life saving seconds count.